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Text 15 Sep 2 notes A proper tool “rack” for tool storage. Like dad said, “all tools have their proper place.”

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Text 15 Sep 3 notes These remind me, I need to work on my place kicking skills!

Text 15 Sep 8 notes Whatteen age girls deserve…

Text 15 Sep 3 notes I got her pussy and boobs all wired up properly, then I couldn’t find an AC outlet on the wall!

littlegirlfuckpig:     whoredogcumbucketeen:   feenazty:  Training.  5am:  The cunt was dragged out   of her    cage by her hair.  She was allowed a shower and she was allowed to put some make up on. 6am:  She is taken to  the front of the closed strip club where she spends the next  three hours  cleaning the mess from the previous night and preparing the club for the day. 9am:   Strippers   arrive.  She helps them dress and make  up.   10am:    She sucks the bouncers dicks as  they arrive as well as the DJ’s.  She  re-applies her make up. 11am:  She  is taken to the  Men’s room
 and locked to a  metal pipe  on her   knees.  A huge gag opens her mouth wide and her metal collar locks her head  against the pipes.
  The collar is adjustable  up and down only.      12am:   Club  opens.   The   strippers tease the men  and turn them on.  The men have the option to release themselves with the  cunts mouth  in the Men’s room.   She  will be   used for the next 14 hours. 2am:  The  bouncers  use her mouth to get off  one   last time before leaving for the night.  Her hands are unbound to allow her to release  herself from the pipes.   3am:  She is sent back to her cold cage  in  the basement to rest for the next two hours.   She will work the next day in the  same manner before she’s given   a day off.  Men like  variety, she  will  be replaced   until the next cycle.    OMG, love the  details in this.

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Text 15 Sep 2 notes She’s ready for the night, turn out the light.

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Text 15 Sep 2 notes This is so cute, I laughed for almost 10 minutes. LOL alot

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Text 15 Sep 1 note "Good morning big girl. How about we start your day in uplifting fashion? Mmmm, big girls DO CRY!

Text 15 Sep 2 notes :I just love the smell of burning pussy in the morning”

Text 15 Sep 1 note What to do with the teen next door’s mouth…

Text 15 Sep 1 note "We better go Tom, my mobile device indicates the hurricane is updated to a category 5. " " Ya’ your right Fred, look at those ocean swells comin’ in?!’

Text 15 Sep 1 note Boo ya’, ‘It’s hammer time!’

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